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Fees and Funding

Fees & Funding

Our current fees are £6.00 per hour and  are reviewed annually by the Pre-School committee. Fees will still need to paid even if a child does not attend because of illness, holidays or any other reason.  


The Pre-School offers a discount for families whose children are twins or triplets etc, this applies until the children are in receipt of funding from Hampshire County Council.

Childcare Vouchers & Tax-Free Childcare

​The Pre-School is registered to accept childcare vouchers and tax free childcare payments for any fees owed. Applications to set up a tax-free childcare account with HMRC should be completed on the following website

2 Year Old Funding

Funding (15 hours) is available to eligible 2 year olds the term following their 2nd birthday.  

More information on how to eligibility and how to apply is available via: 

The Finance Administrator or Manager is able to assist with applications for children who attend/are going to attend Mulberry Pre-School.


3 and 4 Year old funding (15 hours)

  • Each child is entitled to a maximum of 15 hours funding per week, up to a maximum of 570 hours per educational year. Mulberry Pre-School will apply for funding on behalf of parents/carers, however, parents/carers must ensure funding forms provided to them are completed in full and returned by the agreed date. If this is not done, full fees will be payable until the form is returned.

If both parents work at least 16 hours per week each at the minimum wage and both parents earn less than £100,000 each, they can apply for a 30 hour funding code via  Please also check this website for other qualifying criteria. The applicant will need to verify their employment status every 3 months in order to continue to be able to claim the 30 hours funding.  

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Payment Terms

Fees are payable weekly/monthly or termly in advance. Parents/carers will receive an invoice or payment plan in advance for the period charged. All payments should be made in advance on or by the first day of the invoice period.

Consumable Charge

Government Early Years funding (15 hours universal and 15 additional hours) do not cover snacks or other consumables. You will therefore be charged at a rate of 60p per hour to cover these additional costs. Children that are in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium will be exempt from this charge. 

Late Payments

Mulberry Pre-School is a registered charity and is unsustainable if fees are not paid on time. If payments are not made within 7 days from the issue of the invoice, the Pre-School reserves the right to charge a late payment penalty of 10% of the due invoice. Mulberry Pre-School further reserves the right to exclude children until their invoice is paid in full.

Late Collection Of Children

Mulberry Pre-School reserves the right to invoice parents/carers if their child is collected late. The charge will commence fifteen minutes after the agreed collection time at a rate of £5 for the first fifteen minutes and £5 per five minutes thereafter until the actual pick up time.

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